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Hi everyone I’m Tasha, I work full time in retail, but my love and belief in the programs i teach mean I can’t wait to teach every evening after work!


My love of Zumba® started as a participant, it took me a long time to attend a class, I had always hated gyms and sports (wasn’t the “sporty” person) but had always had a secret love of dancing and music, being too scared and shy to go to a class on my own I managed to persuade a friend to attend a local class with me, that evening we went along and that was it…BOOM!

I had no idea what I was doing, stood as far towards the back as possible and didn’t make a sound, all I knew was that we came away and we couldn’t stop smiling.

From that point on one class a week turns into 4 and then I found myself booking onto the closest instructor training I could find!

There is not a day that goes past where I’m not thankful for this amazing program, it has changed so many life’s, the lifelong friends I have made all over the uk, the travel experiences and amazing memories!

 Zumba isn’t just a Fitness class, it’s a massive family and community full of support



I came across VeraFlow back in April 2015 when I booked onto the session at a fitness weekend held in Blackpool, originally I booked onto this session after reading the information and thought it would be a good  “breather’’  session after a crazy weekend full of high intensity classes. I didn’t know what to expect and have never tried Pilates or yoga so went in with no mat totally unprepared, the music started and it was catchy, calm and full of beautiful instruments we started the warm up with a simple dance routine and I already felt at ease. As the session went on we progressed through the stretches everyone doing whathever level they were comfortable with and we finished off with some mindfulness exercises (another new one for me!) At that moment I knew I had found another program I was passionate enough about to teach, the music, the dance, the way I left feeling ten foot taller with all my muscles relaxed aswell as my mind. It kept coming to the front of my thoughts for months, so at the first opportunity I booked myself in for the training and here it is Nov 2015… the first class in Wiltshire! Come and be the first people in Wiltshire to give it ago, leave feeling stress free, relaxed and as you’ve had a full body massage!

Tasha xx

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